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Nam Ly apartment trade and service building, Phuoc Binh, District 9, Hochiminh City

1. Location, scale and limitation of the ground

  • Name: Nam Ly apartment trade and service building
  • Location:

-  Northeast: borders with Do Xuan Hop Street

- Southeast: borders with the open-project along the river

- Northwest: borders with next project

2. The scale

  •  The total scale: 3.556.1m2
  • The design:

-       Basement 1,2: Parking, Technichque and Sercurity department, store.

-       From ground 1 to 5: The hall, trade and service departments

-       From ground 6 to 25: Apartment area includes two constructions with 25 grounds are linked on the top and the narrow core in Western, makes the apartments face to the nice direction and nice view.

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